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Thread: Interview with the developers (for those who don't do Facebook)

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    Quote Originally Posted by JJay View Post
    I would love it if they doubled the amount of gems/tools/coins etc you receive if you send a full plane (even if it's only for a limited time like the upcoming train event), or if they could include a regular lab booster which reduced the amount of time it takes for a plane to return.
    Yes exactly, this is what I am hoping for JJay

    Quote Originally Posted by cdosr View Post
    These would be great boosters Charlie

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    Quote Originally Posted by LaLa’s Land View Post

    I was also very disappointed that they would add materials as gift in the HOL. When we are done with CB’s, I don’t want to get gifts I can’t use. Better to just offer them in the market if people want to get extra. IMO it’s very annoying when we get “gifted” things that we can’t use in both the HOL and from the daily gifts our friends send. We get these as gifts even when aren’t playing the mini or, like with this one, long after we have completed it.
    I couldn't agree with this more! I do NOT want to see building tools added to the HOL. And it is annoying to win mini event materials from the HOL and daily balloons once you are done with the event. But at least always before there was compensation when the event was over. On the rescue event I collected energy tokens for NINE days ... whether I wanted to or not ... And then received zero compensation for them. Not cool!

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    Anyone know why people are posting about totally different games on the Township Facebook page?
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    As far as items available for purchase, is there ever a special event to earn expensive items that cost 100 township cash? And can you create a fishing guy who sits in a chair casting from the beach or riverside. Thanks.

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