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Thread: Playrix, PLEASE don’t allow new co op members to auto join Regatta

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    Playrix, PLEASE don’t allow new co op members to auto join Regatta

    Dear Playrix,
    I so much appreciate that Playrix finally allows co op leaders to block players from Regatta. This helped atleast our co op have some control of keeping new players who auto joined to Regatta, or joined not having a clue what they were doing, then didn’t play for a week or more, cause if havoc I’m sure you can understand.Blocking new players from Regata also helped with those who joined co op at *last minute, 4 am when Regatta starts) while *I’m asleep, or who said they will do all tasks but don’t! Keeps them from ruining our Golden League Regatta status! All I wanted was time to ask new players how experienced they are in Regatta, to train them is they aren’t experienced, and to assure my team that the new player,is ready for Regatta and will not ruin all the years MY TEAM has invested in keeping us in Golden League. Nothing worse than being taken down by ONE NEW PLAYER in Regatta. Those are such long, frustrating weeks dealing with & begging a new member to please do their tasks, to pay attention and use chat, etc. Then we’d have to spend many months working hard to regain our Golden status after such players frustrated us for a week, cost us Tcash, and even caused is to lose great players. I’m sure every leader can relate. It’s a BIG PROBLEM and costs a team SO SO much. So, thank you for the option to block players from Regatta.
    Another thing I did, hoping it would help guard against players joining just before Regatta before I could screen them or block them from playing is, I changed my joining status to “invite only”. The price paid for this is, it’s hard to get new members because if we’re not there to accept them soon as they wish, they leave for another co op. Understandable, but makes invite only tough. But atleast it gets rid of the problem of NEW PLAYERS JOINING CO OP LAST MINUTE BEFORE REGATTA, while I’m asleep, then being able to join Regatta without me knowing. Atleast I thought this would also help. However...
    However, I have found that I’m still having the same issue! Ugh!! We are losing Regatta again this week *because a player was accepted in our co op by a member that accepted them... yep, you guessed it.. *JUST BEFORE REGATTA BEGAN, when I was not on, it was late, and I wasn’t there to screen the new player for Regatta. So it’s been back to the same old problems, a whole week of nail biting and disappointed to the whole team **because a new player isn’t responding or dong a single task. AND, if I block them or kick them now, after Regatta has begun, *we get counted in competition, as if we have the number of ppl playing Regatta as when that person was in Regatta yet a deadbeat.
    I will change the status of the player that allowed this new person in, so they can’t invite players anymore, but in the mean time, if anyone has suggestions for me that I haven’t already posted about in this post, please let me know. Like..
    *Can I still kick this member out, since they haven’t done a single task, and not be counted in competition as if the player is still there? I highly doubt it but am hopefully asking.
    Otherwise, if Playrix can PLEASE Never allow new players to join Regatta unless the Leader says they can. Or give leaders the option of a “new player joined” notification, atleast I can wake up and deal with the new member.
    But PLEASE PLAYRIX, Take away DEFAULT IN AUTOMATICALLY BEING ALOWED TO PLAY REGATTA because if I don’t have enough time to screen them, THEN BLOCK THEM, there are still loopholes in who joins Regatta which is beyond frustrating and seriously affects any co ops progress. It certainly has affected our’s way too many times, I wish I could tell you how much this has cost us.
    Thank you.
    4TheLuvOfJesus co op.
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