It would be nice to have more 'winter time' decorations that are nature based. Only one I see is the glacier in zoo at level 39. I would like to have something available at same zoo level we get the 'snow ' enclosures. A few specific ideas.

bare limb tree with icicles
snow drift - variations are endless
animal tracks / prints in snow
snow bound animal nest / burrow -- could have visible animal or just some tracks in &/or out
some of the fir trees in winter mode
any of the existing decorations in a snow/winter mode
combinations of snow, ice, trees, bushes, rocks, fallen limbs..... variations are endless
ice sculptures (not nature but beautiful)

there are some great ones in the snow mode of unpurchased territories.

If you live in a latitude with seasonal variation just step outside for ideas.

It would also be fun to create own seasons in town with these decorations.