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Thread: Direct message from co-op leaders to individual members

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    Direct message from co-op leaders to individual members

    It would be so helpful if co-op leaders could send direct messages to individual members in the co-op. There isn't a way to "screen" new members that don't or won't communicate in the chat area.

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    I know that personal messages to friends has been rejected, but I also would love an option to talk individually to my co-op members. I would like to be able to speak to my co-leaders about problems or problem members. I would also like to be able to challenge members on a one to one basis before just kicking them from the group. It would be nice to use this for positive things also.... sometimes the public chat is not good enough.

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    I agree, it would be nice to talk on a one to one basis with co op members. Some time posting in the chat is not a good thing. I do talk with my co leaders on the forum when discussing thing I don't want the whole co op to know. We have been talking about a group page on facebook.

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    Private message would be awesome. It is hard to give or receive some feedback in a "public" setting. Being private would help prevent hurt feelings or jealousy. You could limit private mode to leaders. Maybe co-leaders since in some co-ops they handle this better. If overuse is a concern then limit # per day or have wait interval like regatta inbox.

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    I agree. An avenue to privately discuss situations/problems between leaders/co-leaders would be very useful. Also the option for a leader/co-leader to privately contact a member about activity/preformance could be valueable. Having it so the leader/co-leader must initiate the conversation could keep it from being used by all members.

    I am not a fan of wait times. I see them as double edged swords. It could give some one a cooling off period, but could also give them time to simmer and boil over. If any wait time at most an hr. I think the 12 hr of the regatta inbox is a bit much. The co-op I'm in uses the co-op chat a lot and I believe it has helped us become a more cohesive group. However we are still a small group, I can see having a way to privately chat in the future would be helpful.

    The Facebook solution can work for some, but not all. Not everyone is on FB or wants to allow people that much access to their personal life. I suppose they could set up a FB profile solely for the game.

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    A few ppl in our Coop are using an FB group also, some have set up a special FB acct for that. (I don't do FB)
    I've also read here somewhere that some Coop groups are using a separate forum, with all the features a forum has, incl. private messages, with a free SW.

    But I believe that Playrix' refusal here for

    Sending private messages to friends - and for - adding an Ignore/ban feature

    must be seen as transferable to Coops, at least for quite some time to come. With children playing the game, but also adults who could feel offended, stalked, or otherwise harassed by a person-to-person exchange, no possibility to prove anything either way, not knowing the corresponding laws in all the countries where it is played - AND with all the other problems they still have to solve - I would be surprised if they took on this responsibility.

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