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    Power Tools

    Can someone fill me in on this? I played for several months last year, left for a while, and now I'm back. A few changes, like the change of flags from country to goofy symbols, I find a bit annoying (I bought two to put my country flag on = sold them yesterday since that's somehow "wrong" now?)

    One of the apparently major changes is the inclusion of power tools. I can't find any information on this. Sorry if its been discussed already. I am level 64, just qualified for the race track, thought I'd finished it after waiting a couple of days for construction, and now its halted while I trade regular material for power tools? Huh? I need a bunch and can only swap one set per hour.

    PLEASE, can someone provide some tips and insights to this? Im now looking at several more days just to get one community building up and running. Can I swap this stuff while I'm not building a CB? Doesn't appear I can request from Rajah. Any input as to why this was done?

    Thanks. I've been playing another farm/town game for years, and am completely fed up with it. Looking forward to getting involved again with TS, but this has been a major stumbling block.

    Thanks to this great forum for help.

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    The wiki has an updated listing of materials and tools now required for community buildings here

    The power tools and tool exchange were added several months ago. The tool exchange can be built at Player level 60 and two of the three tools and one building material are used to complete each new Community Building, starting with the Planetarium.

    Once you build the tool exchange, you can use it to swap tools any time. So far, I have been able to have my power tools in place before I level up and build a new CB. It is also handy for creating a little barn space when play has ground to a halt on account of a full barn.

    I found it helpful to buy one extra slot in the tool exchange, as there is a 1 hour wait for a new offer to load after dumping or using one and it costs 6 tcash to rush it. Having two choices to start with is handy.
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    I had a reply posted which seems to have disappeared. Thanks for the link. I've read it, and it appears this is not a popular addition. I can see why. I had plenty of tools for the race track, but now its ground to a halt while I make new tools? Who thought this was a good idea?

    I left [another game] to come back to this game. This is not a good omen for the future.

    Do most of you make the tools ahead of time, or wait until you see what the building wants? It sounds like I need to find the wiki list of tools needed per building. Great.

    Thanks for replying so quickly.
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    Yes, I always check the wiki ahead of time to see which materials I will need.

    The developers explained that tool,exchange was created to reduce the total barn space needed for the next CB and it does. If you look at the column for Windows players in the wiki table, you can see how many more parts it used to take.

    The great flaw in their thinking is that the zoo enclosures still require the regular building materials, in huge quantities as we move down the enclosure list. This means people building enclosure still need to find room for all of that plus the power tools for the Community Buildings. My response to this was to simply stop building zoo enclosures. They are not needed for game progress so I am saving them for when all my cb and factories are done and my barn is many upgrades bigger.
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    Mayfield, thanks so much for the insights and tips. It makes more sense now, and the wiki list will be most helpful. I'm down to two saws left, and all I'm getting in all three trays are trades that include the bricks I need for the racetrack. I dont want to start another building until this one is done. My attitude, coming from another game that drags things out way too much, is that I'm not going to be sucked in to spending tcash to speed things up, and if it gets too tedious, I'll move to another game. I really like this one, and I'm hoping it doesn't go the way of greed over quality of play.

    The zoo is completely different than it was when I took a "leave of absence" earlier this year. I like the cards OK, and the enclosures have always been cool decos. However, I've added two new animals and where the old ones were animated these just sit there doing absolutely nothing. I hope that's not truly a part of the redo. Also glad to know its OK to just wait on the zoo. I'm fine with that.

    Thanks again for the replies.

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    If you have close to enough bricks, it may be worth trading a few to get the power tools you need. We get a steady stream of more bricks from the trains.
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    For me, power tools serve no purpose. I’m at level 97 and have build all the available community buildings, and community buildings are the only plae where power tools are required.

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