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    As you can guess by the heading I like pyramids and been trying for days to build a pyramid using my buildings
    But I’m failing terribly and my head hurts from different tries.
    Has anyone got a pyramid design I might borrow? Or have you seen a pyramid design that can share a picture of.
    Any help truly appreciated.

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    I’ll keep a look out for you, I’ve seen a few towns with a 3D feel to them so I’ll see if they have any pyramid designs going on that might inspire you!
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    Thank you I’ve been trying so long I’m sure it’s possible to do,meanwhile I shall continue trying lol.

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    hi Vera,

    there's a pyramid deco in the game, I think? but if you mean the 3D view, I recommend to do a search here in the forum for "Lorna G", and you'll find a bunch of threads with different approaches to design ideas, and hinting at Lorna G's town, like here:
    (and read on for more links)

    or here:
    (also see Amoria's note in first post, she was Mod at that time)

    Also, here is a link to my post describing a redesign, followed by a panoramic pic of my town with the 3D hill (pic by Ruud):

    More hints in this post by dreadnought:

    Some posts are rather old, so I don't know what still exists in the games. Happy searching
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    And although it is a bit outside topic: this Christmas tree is create according to the same principle.
    Coming from the Township of Lululand world famous on YouTube for all decorative designs.
    Really thankful for the time in this place called home and for keeping it a good place to keep coming back to
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