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    As you can guess by the heading I like pyramids and been trying for days to build a pyramid using my buildings
    But I’m failing terribly and my head hurts from different tries.
    Has anyone got a pyramid design I might borrow? Or have you seen a pyramid design that can share a picture of.
    Any help truly appreciated.

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    I’ll keep a look out for you, I’ve seen a few towns with a 3D feel to them so I’ll see if they have any pyramid designs going on that might inspire you!
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    Thank you I’ve been trying so long I’m sure it’s possible to do,meanwhile I shall continue trying lol.

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    hi Vera,

    there's a pyramid deco in the game, I think? but if you mean the 3D view, I recommend to do a search here in the forum for "Lorna G", and you'll find a bunch of threads with different approaches to design ideas, and hinting at Lorna G's town, like here:
    (and read on for more links)

    or here:
    (also see Amoria's note in first post, she was Mod at that time)

    Also, here is a link to my post describing a redesign, followed by a panoramic pic of my town with the 3D hill (pic by Ruud):

    More hints in this post by dreadnought:

    Some posts are rather old, so I don't know what still exists in the games. Happy searching
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    And although it is a bit outside topic: this Christmas tree is create according to the same principle.
    Coming from the Township of Lululand world famous on YouTube for all decorative designs.
    More Township in real life? ​Check new group messages on a regular basis

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