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Thread: December 2019 Relay Season - 2nd Week Relat Tasks Down Dramatically

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    Unhappy December 2019 Relay Season - 2nd Week Relat Tasks Down Dramatically

    Is it just me, or has the availability of relay tasks seriously declined from week 1 to week 2? We were able to complete 16 x relay tasks within 24 hour last week, even though we did refresh quite a bit to get them. However, in the 2nd week we've noticed a dramatic drop in the number of relay tasks refreshing, even after collectively spending ~1,100 in Tcash between the 4 of us to try and refresh a relay in order to keep up with first place.

    It seems obvious that something was changed in the algorithm to make it far more difficult to only do relays. We've since given up refreshing after first finished as we are well ahead of 3rd place. But not sure if anyone else is noticing this, or if anyone affiliated with Playrix can help clear this up. Considering not even racing the remainder of the season as this has really taken all the fun out of it. It seems the entire point of the relay race is now to see who can spend the most Tcash as no amount of planning, coordination or strategy can overcome this issue.

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    We only had one relay task the first week.

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    All the tasks are quite random and after a few times appearing they will drop off but return later.
    It is not essentially a relay season as such but just they are included in the tasks for the regatta duration.
    It has been noticed before that some tasks are more available at the start of a regatta and then drop off.
    Of course the idea is to have players spend tcash... fir Playrix this is a business and5be more players spend the better.

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    We try to do all relay to maximize the score potential, so this week has been extremely frustrating. It seemed to work much better in a larger co-op where more were available. However, with only 4 racing currently it has not been a fun experience whatsoever.

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    Single players and small co-ops complain about relay tasks. They are not appropriate for us. Too bad Playrix can't write an algorithm appropriate to co-op size.

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