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Thread: Block feature for co-ops.

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    Block feature for co-ops.

    I would love to have a way to ban members from my co-op. As a leader, occasionally we are forced to kick a member out of our co-op, but the problem I have run into is that they can then just turn around and rejoin it. We need a way to block and unblock members so that we can either block the for a set period before they can rejoin, or just leave them blocked permanently.😉

    If such a feature already exist please let me know how to find/use it, because I haven't come across it.

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    As the idea to have an ignore/ban feature was already ruled out by the devs, all you can do is change your co-op's settings, and set it to "closed" or "by request". That way, no one can join it without an invitation or someone accepting them back in. Of course, that means that the other members in the co-op must be aware not to re-invite/accept the player in question.
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