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Thread: Relays disappearing

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    Relays disappearing

    Our co-op lost several relays. They appear for about 5 minutes then disappear. Is this happening to anyone else?

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    I would say someone in your team is deleting them probably because they start at 130 points. A player not familiar with how relay work would just dump them as not being a good 135 points task.
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    Graylady is probably correct, a 130 point task might not look too appealing to the uninitiated

    Also, depends on what the relay is. For some teams, mine included, there are "Automatic Dumps" for certain relays. Planes, Trains, Zoo, and any Island that asks for the Primary item (Bananas, Fish, Grapes, Peaches). All of those task require someone to "Start" the task and then have long waits for each step, tying up the board and blocking others from doing the tasks. Those are no-brainers to dump and maybe someone on your team shares that thinking.

    Yes, they could be sped up with T-Cash but I for one will not require any of my teammates to spend T-Cash other than buying the 16th task (gold league).
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    Check if you have any dumped tasks in regatta statistics.
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