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Thread: 50% video failure rate

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    50% video failure rate

    Is anyone else having trouble with a high rate of failure for the videos, with the result of no reward, but the "slot" the video takes is still used up?

    I'm getting four videos hourly now, but randomly half of them are failing. When that happens I get no reward or chance to replay the video. In one case the video even started playing in the background behind the failure message, but I still got nothing for it. I have an otherwise good connection, and the video fails after just 3-4 seconds - it is not trying very long before it declares a failure. Is there any fix or help for this?

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    This old post might help, click HERE

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    Thanks; I'm pretty sure it's not a video player issue though because it plays without a hiccup immediately before and after the failing times. It just acts like it makes a brief attempt to connect to a server with the video, and if it doesn't serve it up within ~2 seconds it fails. Weird.

    Today for some reason I'm not getting any videos, so either they are working on it or it's a moot point for me now. :-p

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