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Thread: Chtistmas Rescue Unplayable

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    Chtistmas Rescue Unplayable

    I have the update installed. Township itself works, but when I open the Xmas Rescue event my phone locks up. I have to force quit to even get out of it. This happens every time I open the event. Buggy and unplayable.

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    I have the same problem locks up the tablet same as you and yes unplayable I've tried reinstalling clearing cashe nothing works looks a good game to

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    same problem here takes forever to load and then just closes

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    Do you think it has something to do with the device you are playing on? Someone in our co-op is experiencing the same problem. They are on an older iPad.

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    what version ios do you need for the event

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    Quote Originally Posted by babii View Post
    what version ios do you need for the event
    Mine is playing fine on 6th generationiPad with iOS 12.4.1 (not the latest).
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    Just want to let you know that the devs are aware of this issue, and currently working on a fix. Hopefully it will be solved soon.
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    I'm playing on a Kindle Fire, and I have a similar issue. I can't play the Christmas Rescue because it crashes every single time I try to play. Everything else in the game works fine, but as soon as I click Set Off out of the game it goes. I've tried everything in troubleshooting, but nothing has fixed it. Very disappointed.

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    Mine has been very buggy. A lot of crashes. Three or four times upon crashing, the game “forgot” what I’d just done as if it went back in time. I had to send 4 helicopters for energy, so I sent two and was collecting for #3 and 4. Then I crashed, and when I got back in, the helicopter assignment was gone and it was a new request. Another time I planted tomatoes and after the crash there were no tomatoes in my field.

    Mostly minor annoyances, not enough to render it unplayable, but for sure my progress is far slower than it could be.
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    Exclamation Township Crashes

    Hi all. I've been playing township for 3 years on my iPad mini without any major issues. Since the December update though it crashes during loading. I thought maybe my iPad was at fault so tried numerous setting changes but none have helped. If I remove township and then reinstall it,it works fine again until I close and reopen it. The December update automatically loads causing this. As a last ditch attempt I thought I would connect township to Facebook so it would save my game data. Then I could reset my iPad and Start yafresh. Whenever I try and connect township to Facebook though Safari also crashes trying to load Facebook. I can use Facebook outside of township without any issues. Has anyone else experienced this problem before and know of a fix. Playrix haven't given me any help so I'm stumped. Many thanks.

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