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I have done the same as you since the event started (not collected my energy points if I had to be away from the game so I wouldn't fail my task and lose my streak). For the first 2 days, every task in the purple column was 10x4 = 40 points (or a few production ones were 15x4=60 points). Then, like everyone else, my game changed and suddenly tasks were all 8x4 = 32 points. Then around the same time the pearl glitch was fixed, my tasks went back to being 10x4= 40 points. BUT, there have been a few exceptions, which leads me to believe that certain tasks were coded wrong (or differently on purpose).

In the purple column:
7 blue feathers = 28 points
4 seaweed = 28 points
44 eggs = 28 points

I have hundred of screenshots from this event - I crazily decided to take a picture of every single tasks I got (probably accidentally missed a few, but I think I've done a pretty good job so far), so I can see exactly when things changed.
Lol Kitty I'm still trying to work out whether the energy points system is just glitchy or whether the changes are deliberate. Though because the tasks became more difficult at around the same time as the points changed, I'm tending to think it's deliberate. My second town (which is still trying to complete the event) never went back up to 40 points, just went from 40 to 32 to 28. Wonder if tomorrow it will go down to 24?

By the way, I got the T-cash refunded for the 461 pearl task (amazingly just 19 minutes after I sent the initial report)


That was yesterday evening - about 19.30 UTC. I wonder if your friends got a different customer service operator who was reading from a different script

I seem to remember that previously the conversation ID number was in the top right hand corner of the page when you opened a report (I don't contact them often - mainly because their replies usually annoy me , so my memory might not be correct), but now it seems that all correspondence with them is saved, and the ID # appears at the top of a new conversation


Anyway, hope your friends get reimbursed, and have a lovely Christmas.