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Hi all,

The 461 pearl task was most definitely a glitch, which is now fixed (it won't appear in the future). However, if a player still has it active, they must dump it in order for a new one to show up.
The good news though, is that they can contact CS and they will refund the 10 tcash spent for dumping it!
I sent a screenshot of this message to 2 friends. They both dumped their tasks and asked support to compensate them 10 tcash. Both got responses back from support telling them pearls glitch has been fixed and to get a new task, they need to dump their current one. No mention of tcash compensation. And their tickets were immediately closed. What should they do now? Start a new ticket? Or is there a better way to make sure they get someone to compensate them? Absolutely ridiculous that support didn't help them properly!