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Thread: Christmas Rescue Event

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    Quote Originally Posted by cdosr View Post
    I noticed something about the timeouts for tasks. I have 2 harvest tasks at the moment, 15 Trees with a timeout of 1 hour longer than it takes for the trees to grow and 8 Potatoes with a timeout of "end of the event" (currently 9D 16H).

    There's also a "collect 5 seaweed" with a timeout of 1 hour longer than it takes for the otters to gather seaweed if you feed them fish (3 hrs).

    I don't know if which "Post-It Note" the task shows up on makes a difference, left to right they are "seaweed", "trees", and "potatoes". I thought there was some indication of "difficulty", the middle one (trees) being worth 15 "energy" and has the shorter timeout. The "?" help in the mission center doesn't say much about "difficulty".
    I have had several tasks re-appear, and in different places/boxes/whatdowecall that; and my observations seem to confirm that the different quantities relate to their "position" (as far as I paid attention), which is (IMO),
    • left is easy tasks, with short duration (i. e. easy means short time! )
    • middle is middle, in all aspects,
    • to the right are the long staying (9 days) and possibly more difficult tasks - cos they need more time, like all the long growing trees.

    Is that not what you "see" as well?

    Whoa, for a moment the "energy counter" at the bottom of my Mission Center read 99,999. When I went to the game map itself it was back to "30", returning to the Mission Center it was back to "30" as expected. I hope I don't get banned for that momentary glitch
    eex, you have ideas! Indeed, hopefully no ingame report!
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    For me, the right box has been send 1 plane, collect 6 coffee, send 2 copters, send 1 plane, send 1 plane. I thought the back to back plane task were pretty mean, knowing I'd have to wait hours for the new plane.

    My other copter tasks have been for 5, so only 2 is the easiest one of those I've seen.

    So far, I've gotten
    - helicopter orders (several times, anywhere from 2 to 5 orders)
    - send 1 plane
    - send 1 train
    - collect ores (usually 5, max 8 so far)
    - feed (18-22) animals
    - collect 18 eggs
    - collect 3 blue feathers
    - collect 4 seaweed
    - collect 3 scallops
    - collect 2 white feathers
    - harvest 6 coffee
    - harvest 15 pine trees
    - collect 1 candle from factory
    - collect 3 triangle sandwiches from factory
    - collect 3 modeling clay
    - send 1 boat to Fructus (task completes when we send, don't need to wait until it gets back)
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    The further I get into this the more interesting the landscape becomes. I don't think I'm going to be able to clear it all and I'd sure like to see a complete picture of it. Maybe after the event is over Playrix will post a picture of it on their FB page........(hint, hint)

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    These tasks don't seem to be random. Three of my coop are active and chatting this morning. We all have gotten the collect seaweed task. The game waited until our otters were spent on those then asked for scallops for all three of us.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Farosinthesun View Post
    All working fine now thanks. Husband is another matter but he's not going to bother to email them. We can't be the only two who are corrupt. Nice to speak to you
    Glad to hear it works for you now, best wishes for DH
    Yes, have seen other posts saying they can't get out of first window.

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    Just finished all 4 levels, didn’t use any Tcash so lots of time to finish in the 9 days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mayfield View Post
    I noticed my tcash confirmation feature seems to be gone everywhere now. I have my confirm to spend cash setting turned on, but I am not getting the confirmation pop up anymore.
    oh great, just what we need... will pay attention, thx.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mayfield View Post
    Apart from that, and the event's insatiable desire for ore and animal feeding, this event is pretty good so far. They really need a wider variety of tasks tho. I sent a plane and it got replaced with another send plane task. I have already seen ores and helicopters at least 4 or 5 times.
    yes, I mentioned my dislike of all these repetitions earlier, too, and it doesn't get better. So I guess also (like someone said) that it's intentional.
    And I don't do any multiples now, sending one train, getting only 4 wool, sending one ship... lol

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    I'm just glad he is not coming to rescue me. He is very inefficient! Lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cody Lyons View Post
    I'm just glad he is not coming to rescue me. He is very inefficient! Lol
    Yes lol! Very easily distracted.
    I’m really happy with this new rush, no competition. I had a lot of the things already on my shelves so i am on chapter three already so time is not going to be a problem
    I’m hoping Playrix continues the trend (this event and professor Verne, inter-seasonal week) of mixing in non-competitive events.
    Edit to add: i’ve made much faster progress since i realized i didn’t need to clear everything.

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    I don't know if this has been mentioned already but the free to open chests have steel banding and the t-cash chests have gold banding.
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