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Thread: A construction materials barn

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    A construction materials barn

    I'm new to the forums and don't know if it's been suggested, but I'm always running out of room in my barn. I've noticed a lot of the time the building materials are usually what's taking up a majority of the space. I wonder how difficult it would be to have a second barn, a construction materials one just for that stuff.

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    Yes it has been suggested many times.
    As you are new to the forums may I suggest you read the stickies at the top of each page before posting.
    You can often find the answers to your questions there.
    If you follow the middle link in my signature, you will find the answer to your suggestion.
    Unfortunately it is something Playrix have ruled out.

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    Hi Uglychud,

    and welcome to the Forum!
    well, at least you posted in the right subforum, huh?

    It might be a bit much to read ALL the stickies in the Township subfora; if you can, it's fine, but continue to get an overview of what is where, and it is in any case recommended for your game play to have a look at the Best tipps for new players-thread in the New to Township-subforum:

    For the forum another tip: always use the Advanced search, as it lets you search "in titles only", so you don't get flooded with results.

    Have a good time
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