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Thread: Order completion purchase confirmation pop up

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    Order completion purchase confirmation pop up

    Hi Township developers!
    It would be amazing if when completing orders with township cash, a confirmation pops up.
    I just spent 128 township cash I literally just bought unintentionally. This has happened before. I like to stretch my cash bc my real life money isn't a lot but I do love this game. To clarify here is an example.

    While waiting for the helicopter to come back a player is browsing other orders. The helicopter lands and green bar flashes. Player instinctively hits complete order and hits complete. A pop up should come up asking to confirm the use if tc to purchase the rest of the items for the order. That should make the player have to look twice before purchasing.

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    There already is an option for that. You'll have to go to Settings > Additional Settings > Use Cash. Make sure the Use Cash option is turned on (and that you click "Ok" after changing the setting), and then you'll get an extra confirmation window to avoid accidental purchases.

    However there are several cases in which this doesn't work, like when upgrading factories in the academy of industry. Please read this post for more details.
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