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Thread: Update Not Loading

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    Update Not Loading

    Is anyone else having this issue? Went to log in then got the message to update. I clicked the link etc. Then, it just keeps saying "Waiting For Download..."

    It won't download. Tried several times.

    Anyone else having this issue? Any suggestions?


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    I have been reaching out to support for about a week regarding this issue and no one has responded to my posts, emails, etc. my game is stuck at the loading screen.

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    Completed latest update for Christmas and now the game won't load. Introductory screen sometimes shows old pic and sometimes shows winter pic. Then the game crashes. If the game opens at all it tells me the latest game has ended and buys my leftovers and then crashes again. I have deleted and reinstalled the app multiple times. I have restarted my iPad multiple times. Help?

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    Same with my game.

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    Same with mine! I’ve tried connecting to the game through Facebook and I STILL can’t get into the game and connect with my account - it keeps starting me with a new account !!

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