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Thread: About playing on Windows

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    About playing on Windows

    Recently, I have been playing Township with a few friends on Windows operation system. However, after a few more of my friends also started playing but on Androids, we realized that the two versions couldn't interact with each other. I cannot find my friend's code and back as my friends (the result given while searching is Incorrect Code Entered). I also noticed that there are many lacks of events and tournaments on the Windows version.
    I really hope that there can be a connection between the two versions. Furthermore, I also think that the Windows version's players deserve enjoying all the features of the game. That is my suggestion. I am looking forward to any response. Thank you very much!!

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    for the compatibility overview, read here, pls. Windows and Android can't play together, alas.
    The Windows version was said to be approximately 1 year behind IOS/Android/Kindle, if i recall correctly. They won't be able to catch up anytime soon completely, but as far as we know, the plan is still to update Windows PC as well - just later.

    Happy gaming

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