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Thread: Again and again Game crashes

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    Again and again Game crashes

    Made the Christmas update and my game crashed. Had to uninstall and reinstall. Got the game without update. But FB got disconnected and I am not able to connect to FB.
    The game crashes while playing. I had to install and reinstall the game, almost 20 times in the last few hours. Losing all the game progress when reinstalling
    Please help me playrix team

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    You don’t say which platform you are playing on, the fixes are different.
    I am presuming you have enough RAM available on your device to run the game, and you have cleared the cache and closed all background pages and then done a total reboot.
    Sometimes a reinstall is not necessary or the cure.
    If nothing else works I would suggest you send an in game report, Playrix may not see your post here.
    Or..if you cannot get into your game try contacting them from here...

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    Hi. I play on my iPad, with face book connected.
    I have enough storage space and now I have done reboot also. I reinstall the game and it crashes in 5 minutes and whatever I played, goes back

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