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Thread: Does Township Store any Data on the Bios PC Computer?

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    Does Township Store any Data on the Bios PC Computer?

    Hi all
    I have just Purchased a New PC Windows 10 and Want to use my Old Hard Drive as a Boot Drive so As I can Continue playing Township.
    What worries me is if any Township Information is stored on the Mother Board Bios? I cannot connect to Facebook with in the Township Game to save my Game. I am on level 127 and would hate to loose my Game. I hope someone can advise me what to Do.
    Thank You

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    I don't think anything is stored in bios. There is a folder in app data with friends in it and such. As long as you sign into your windows account you should be good to download a copy at your level.
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    bios is read only it can only be changed via a firmware update. no software will attempt to write to it or change its contents.

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