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    Wild Park

    I bought a Wild Park from the Decs and it says it can be customisable by clicking on it and clicking on the button to modify it. This isn't happening for me. There is no modification button ?

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    When you tap on the Wild park, an arrow/circle appears. Tapping on that one the lay out of Wild park will change

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    So you're saying that when you place the park and the try to click on it, there's no circle thing for you to push for the different options? Also, if this is the case, have you tried getting out of the game and reload it? Sometimes things don't work on mine for a minute but if I get out and then come back in, it works.

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    First do not enter edit mode to customize the park. You just need to click on it like when you want to know the name of something, so you'll just be in view mode. Do not hold to pick up, just tap. A green "refresh" symbol will appear when you click on the park, so you may think this just means rotate, but it will change the look of the park. I do have some issues with it turning invisible in the zoo when I move it. I can't pull it from the edit function I have to pull from the construction menu to access the custom feature. Let us know if we can help further, happy farming.

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    Just a quick tap should bring up the green circular arrow. After that, each tap cycles to a different look.

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    Thank you I sussed it out

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