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Thread: December 2019 Update [Android/iOS/Kindle/MAC]

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    I found the update in the Apple App Store, but, as usual, it did not appear in the update list. I had to search for the Township page in the store. When I first opened the page, the button still said open, but it changed to update after a second or so.

    After downloading, my snow didn't appear until I closed and cleared the app from background, same as others have said.

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    Nothing at all for Kindle, last as usual. Thought there was going to be a new factory and or community building? And another animal/enclosure with no zoo expansion? So crowded in the zoo, and I am just finishing what I thought was my last enclosure...grrrrrrrrr.

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    Got my Update on my Android device.
    As mentioned earlier, the winter landscape has a lot of trouble finding a permanent place.
    I use a cell phone and a tablet and one of the two can be winter, it seems.

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    The update button at the bottom of the page on Apple AppStore has disappeared - trying to track whether the update has hit Apple yet- does anyone know?

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    Yes it has hit Apple...I dud a search for Township and updated from there.

    Just to add.. it’s also been noticed by a few that even though your setting may be at automatic updates, this feature doesn’t always work.

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    Can't get Apple Mac App store to show update button. Any other ideas on how to get the update?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Argus012755 View Post
    Can't get Apple Mac App store to show update button. Any other ideas on how to get the update?
    I don't see a MacOS update yet. They are probably talking about the Apple iOS update.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dreadnought View Post
    Hi Everyone!

    The much anticipated December update is starting to roll out! Watch your app stores
    dread, could you pls add the OS that can expext this update / now?
    (preferably in the title, if not all are meant - with Mac being early lately, it is not so clear now anymore that only "the three" are to be expected, and also, is Kindle "ready" yet?)
    Last edited by _DD_; 12-12-2019 at 06:48 PM. Reason: Thank you! :)

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    I’m using iPad in UK. Have checked and checked in App Store, Opened several times and uninstalled and reinstalled..........nothing

    Not even a flake of snow.....nothing Christmassy at all..

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    My KINDLE updated about 3 hours ago. Had to clear cache and hard start in order for Santa to come to my town!

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