I think it would be awesome if there was an option to create hills and valleys. Like how when you choose a square to add pavement to, you would choose that square and choose to lower or raise it. I also think it would be great if there were more natural decorations to choose from. A greater variety of trees and flowers. As well as the ability to alter the color of the buildings. It seems cool to think of visiting towns that people decorate to look like the actual geography of where they live. For example if you live on an island, there are more than just 4 palm trees to choose from, lots of fruit trees and tropical flowering bushes. The buildings are brightly colored etc. Or maybe you live in England around flowered rolling hills and softly colored cottages. Maybe a large, very futuristic city with metallic colored buildings and tall square hedges, or maybe you live in the mountains in a little town with pastel buildings and fields covered in moss and mushrooms. I also think it would be cool to have rocks of different styles sizes and colors. Maybe make a river that flows through cliff walls or make the rock wall in the lions den at the zoo built up from behind. Just some thoughts. I enjoy the decorating aspect of the game more than any other part!