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Thread: Christmas Rescue items for sale in market

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    Christmas Rescue items for sale in market

    Christmas Rescue items are already appearing for sale in the marketplace. But the Christmas Rescue does not start for another seven or eight days. This means valuable slots for our goods are being taken up by Christmas Rescue goods, which we cannot use for another seven or eight days, when the Christmas Rescue event starts.

    This appears to be a glitch. This has happened in a couple of recent previous events, where items for the next event showed up in the marketplace a week or so in advance of the event.

    We spend a fair amount of time in events, when a portion of our marketing stall slots are taken up with event items. So during non-event periods, it would be nice to have all of the slots that we paid for with T-cash available.

    I have reached out to support, to advise them of this issue. Posted here for discussion and illumination.

    Thank you.

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    For my part, I appreciate when I can buy them in the market in advance. Save me to use Rajah to get them when the event start. To each his/her own.

    I am on Android and have not seen products for the rescue in my market yet. Only some for the current event.
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    This has never happened to me, or I haven't noticed, so I can't suggest anything.
    But i would be interested to know if it happens to others and what CS come back with.

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    I see scarfs and earmuffs in my Market too, but I have also been collecting them from snowboarding. Has anyone seen helicopters requests for these items yet? (I haven't done copters in a couple days so I can't say.)

    If they are taking up too much barn space, can't we just sell them?
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    I feel like Graylady. As long time players, we know what an advantage it is to get event items stocked before they will be needed. We all have different barn capacities, different market box opportunities - you can use them or ignore them. And, really, 1 or 2 (at the Max) items is not critical to your market offerings. I am thrilled that Playrix is giving us this forward looking chance to purchase items for future use. Thank you, Playrix!
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    If we are talking about the scarf, earmuffs and sport drink, those are snowboarding event items, though I guess they may also hang around thru Christmas rescue event.

    After asking earlier, I did some copter orders and the new orders are asking for those items now. Since these are already needed for orders, I don't think we can call them premature.
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