I'm not a long time player, it's been just a couple months I've played. So it may be that the connection is in my imagination. But, I play a somewhat casual game, so I stock up on staples, but I don't stock up 5 of the icecream cup things. I will make 2 because that seems sensible. And I usually try to do that with any long time items (because 5 icecream cups would block my queue up and the barn fills quickly between supplies and things we make...anyway, to the point.

I have noticed that when I've just upgraded my barn and I have room, the requests from my trains are more smaller numbers of items (I might get 1 icecream cup on a train, or a suit or a cheesecake, etc.) And when I've first done my upgrade, thats the most likely time for me to have 5 icecream cups or 3 cheesecakes in my barn because there's a lot of room. But...when my barn is just a few tools away from an upgrade, my trains consistently ask me for things. like 3 icecream cups, or 2 cheesecakes on 1 train. Basically, they seem to be asking for more items that are time consuming and unlikely to be saved because of space

I realize that people who focus mainly on competitions aren't going to have this problem as they're constantly producing items in mass, so they are likely to have many of a particular item, just from normal game play. But I don't play regattas so I don't make as much regularly, because I have no team to help (I have no co-op) and no huge task to complete for a regatta.

So I'm wondering, has any longer time player noticed this, and do you make any changes with production so you don't get stuck? I'm trying to figure out if there's a "peak" time for my barn's storage which I can notice, and then when I reach that point I know I need to increase the number of certain items I store, because the trains will want them.

Anyone else with experience/feedback about this?