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Thread: Did the update, lost my Zoo - again

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    Did the update, lost my Zoo - again

    This is getting a bit frustrating. I installed the update to Windows 10 PC, and my Zoo disappeared, for the fourth time in a year. And this time the Report an Issue button doesn't work. I can click on the button however many times I want and nothing happens.

    I can, and did, go into the Help and Support and used the Contact button there - it did send out an email. Even got a reply from Playrix ..... saying that I should go into the Help and Support and use the Contact button there. So I did, and sent a second email requesting their assistance on restoring my Zoo.

    I'm now waiting to see what their reply to the second email will be......

    After the last Zoo disappearance I started taking screen shots of the Zoo after each change. I did slack off on the last couple of changes - a couple of expansions and the Rhino enclosure were completed without documentation. I attached the latest pics and description to the trouble report. Maybe they'll help some.

    One recurring problem after restoration, the expansion coupons don't work at first. I have had to contact them again so they can make adjustments to allow the coupons to work instead of returning an error that I don't have enough animals, even after restoring all the enclosures.

    Too bad we can't make our own backups of the game.....

    ETA: The update was the Township update, not a Windows update.
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