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    Game keeps closing and will not allow me to play. I also wanted to tranfere my game to my samsun tablet . i don't have face book so it wont allow me continue the game on both tablet and phone. How long will this continue? I am thinking of deleting the game continue. Can i get a responds this habeen going on for several days now.

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    Is your phone also Android? If so, should be possible to transfer your game to your Samsung tablet without Facebook if you have your game connected to GooglePlay.

    In theory, once you log into Google Play and install TS on your new device, it should remember your progress and let you resume where you were. Some people have cautioned that isn't 100% reliable though.

    If all else fails, the Township support can transfer your game to your new device.

    From your current device, write down your town name and player ID code in case you need that later.

    See the second post in this thread.
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