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Thread: Temporary recipes

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    Temporary recipes

    I'm wondering what it means specifically whe it's a temporary recipe. Like is there a time restriction, seasonal availability, or quantity restrictions?

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    It is an item that gets added to the game for the duration of a special event. Right now, the new ones relate to the snowboarding event.

    We usually find characters starting to request them in helicopter orders, but I don't recall seeing trains or planes wanting them. (Maybe someone can correct this if they are seeing them in plane or train requests.) In some events, they are needed sometimes to make the event fuel or to feed bunnies or ghosties in those events. This time, I think helicopters may be their only use.

    When the event ends, the game will remove all the special event stuff from the game and give us coins for them.
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    I don't think I've come across them in plane or train requests, only helicopter ones. I think that's because you can always reject helicopter orders, not train or plane (unless you send off an empty plane). This works out well for me because I almost never participate in these events unless they really interest me, most of the time I end up not fulfilling enough orders yet disrupted my long-term plan (of upgrading factories and such). So I rather focus on upgrades.
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