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Thread: Snow Ride Event Dec'19

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocky_Ruud View Post
    It may seem obvious, but be aware that you only collect the snowflakes from the balloons coming from friends after you have used up 25 flakes.
    Because of the new limit they will be worthless otherwise.
    are you sure about that? cos I had a display of 26/25 earlier, where the 26 had a different colo(u)r, red or green, don't remember exactly.
    It looked like when the barn holds more than it is officially "allowed".
    So I would assume rather that same behaviour for the flakes from balloons (and probably HOL and Ernie and if we have other sources).

    ETA: I think it must be a misunderstanding, Ruud, that made you think that - when I just came back into the game, I saw that my flakes bar was full, then got 2 balloons, this time I paid better attention, and here they are, see upper left corner:

    Screenshot_20191205-205031.jpg tap to enlarge

    And I'm quite glad I don't have to collect and store anything for the runs.
    I just wait until it's full or play in between.

    It's clear that everybody with a different playing style will see it differently. But I have a feeling, this is again a case of "damned if they do, damned if they don't":
    When they change sthg according to what players so far posted about (and we did here, both about using barn space and about having to use so many of our items for making flakes, fuel, whatever),
    then - after the change - the other half will start posting that they don't like it.
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    I had more too at some point.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cdosr View Post
    Hee Hee, just noticed we're in the same competition group
    lol, yep! just came here to PM you about it you're lucky, eh, that I'm not interested much in the event per se nor the sports deco, lol
    (say, is that display in the new deco correct, see dread's pic , with both showing 88??)

    I'm very surprised; I thought they avoid putting friends in the same group. Never had it before.
    Wonder whether it has been changed or is just hasard/an accident...
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    Well I gave it one more try and I'm officially done with that event. I don't care about the barn space as I have enough right now. I do care that the mechanics just aren't consistent, therefore it's not really a game as much as a torture exercise.

    People have mentioned the gumball game because of the tcash triggers. I detested that part of that event, but the mechanics worked well and when you could get on a run it was fun. With this new event it a cycle of: collect a few stars and other things, fall, lose most of what I got. Not fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by _DD_ View Post
    When they change sthg according to what players so far posted about (and we did here, both about using barn space and about having to use so many of our items for making flakes, fuel, whatever),
    then - after the change - the other half will start posting that they don't like it.
    I have been playing this event from the get go. I think it has always been collecting snowflakes for helicopter orders. A nice (and noticeable) change from using product to make snowflakes or storing items in the barn. So I don't think they were addressing those complains here.

    At the beginning this was by far my favorite event. But each repeat brings more tightening of the screws. Starting over on points when you fall down. The extreme glitchiness which often makes success impossible. And now no bonus points when you finish a run? And the unbelievable constraint on game play due to limiting it to 25 stored snowflakes AND only allowing new flakes after 5 minutes of down time. It is more and more obvious to me that these changes were made to generate revenue. In my case it just makes me less inclined to spend Tcash.

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    Game Snow Ride... buggy : 3 runs I finish but it doesn’t cumulate the distance I did... or do I miss a rule ?

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    This event is the one I hate the most. I love the cooking one best, and then the blocks/matching one, and the ones where you uncover things (like Easter and Halloween). The gumball one is all right, and even the fishing one has grown on me since it doesn't seem as glitchy as it was at first. But this one? I dread it.

    It wasn't too bad at first. I didn't like the whole "pick a character and race against each other" aspect, because if you picked the wrong one, you were screwed no matter what. But it was at least fun to play and didn't seem to be too glitchy.

    Then they added the whole falling down resets your score thing, and that was very, very bad and made it super frustrating. To make it worse, it seemed like they really sped it up around that time, and made it very glitchy so falls were more likely. That only added to the problems, and they sped it up so much that as the game progressed, I actually started to notice some motion sickness that would creep in as I played.

    I, too, would wait to play most of the time. I save up the needed resources, and then play in bursts. This new design basically demands you be attached to the game whenever the snowflakes are full, or that you pay. This is now a purely pay-to-win event, and I have lost interest. As I said, this was never my favorite event, and as they have tweaked it, it has become one I hate. I'll pick it up now and then, just to see what rewards I can get, but I am paying not one bit of TC to add snow or save my score after a fall. To make it worse, it seems to be even more glitchy this time around for me -- the stuttering is starting sooner, and making it hard to navigate even though I am just barely past the first goal.

    It seems especially striking after the awesome experiments thing. I actually spent my first real money on that Gold Pass -- I really wanted the spaceship helicopter skin! It was worth it, but now my Director ads have gone down to 1 every once in a while instead of the batch of them I usually have. And after spending that money and then seeing how much they have tweaked this to be a pay-to-win event . . . it is just disappointing. I can't help but think they were so generous with the TC during the experiments event thinking that everyone would just spend it here. Not me, Playrix! I hate this event, and I will not even mind placing last if that happens.

    I also wonder if they are using this event a sort of tester, to see how far they can push the pay-to-win thing. They are making more and more of the events so that if you fail a level, you restart your score, and that takes all the fun out of it. Playrix, we play these games to have fun, not to be frustrated!

    I know there are those who enjoy this event, and I hope they still are. I would hate to see my favorites become purely pay-to-win, and so I feel for those who loved the snowboarding!

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    I wasn’t ever going to do this blog thing but had to ask this question.
    How many of you, especially the ones droning on about Tcash, work for free?
    I’m impressed with all the changes that have been made to this game and am willing to fork out some cash just like I do when I go to a movie or sporting event, etc. Devs have bills to pay too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elvengirl View Post
    Yes, my snowman also stutters. I am playing Ios on an ipad.
    I haven't noticed a stutter but this event still can't tell a tap from a swipe sometimes. It once again has me changing lanes to avoid stumps and trying to leap over trees. I guess they have no incentive to improve this just for the sake of getting it right.

    That apart, this is still my favorite of the small side events. The basic snowboarding runs are really fun to play. I wish I could find an app that's just this event.

    I also really like that there is nothing to make and no copter orders to fill and nothing in our barns. Playing this event actually gains us stuff rather than consuming it. I do agree that limiting the snowflakes to 5 runs worth is too small. I like playing in bunches rather than a few runs here and there.

    Imo the curling decoration is pretty great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JustJan View Post
    I'm not quite sure how this new snow game works. Always played in the past, one of my favorites, but don't remember the snow-melting feature. Would someone mind explaining it to me?
    Each ride needs 5 snowflakes. The game gives us snowflakes for free, one every five minutes, until we have a total of 25 (plus maybe any extras we get thru gifts or other means?). Beyond that point, it doesn't give us any more until we use some. It is different than other events, but still I think it's pretty straightforward. I don't know what people are talking about re snow melting. I haven't noticed anything like that.
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