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Thread: Game won’t open, stuck on “loading”

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    On my laptop I have 4GB of memory and over 60GB of space.
    I have done the same, Liam. no results.

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    Is the app EVER going to get fixed. It kills me that I can't get in to help my fellow Township mayors out!

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    I’ve been having this same issue for the last few days too. I tried reinstalling the app on my iPhone and nothing. It’s working on my iPad but I can’t carry that everywhere

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    I have this issue since Halloween.

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    Township not loading

    Quote Originally Posted by Anarchy chicken View Post
    IOS user, trying to open game, but can’t get it to completely load!!
    Should I uninstall then reinstall?

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    Same problem. Mine tries to load then kicks me out.

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    Started last Friday, township app tries to load, then stops and disappears to background and all I see is my homepage,, I have done everything suggested, restarted my phone, made sure it’s fully updated, uninstalled the app and reinstalled it,, I have loads of memory,, and nobody has contacted me! All I have gotten so far are the automatic responses as soon as I send in to playrix! I really want this fixed!

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