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Thread: No update for windows mobile?

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    No update for windows mobile?

    I play on windows mobile, which i know goes out of support in a few days. I can't seem to get the recent update. Township no longer appears in the Microsoft Store on my mobile. It does show in my library, but I am not able to update it from there. If I click the button to get updates for all my apps/games, everying is apparently fully updated. I had hoped to have a little longer before having to stop playing.

    Can someone confirm that there is, indeed, no update for Windows mobile players?

    Thank you

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    It does appear in my store, but I can't install it anymore, because there's only the PC listed in the supported platforms section.

    I haven't touched this game in 1.5 years now, because if I can't transfer my town to Android, well, then I'll just play other games. Not willing to start from scratch again.

    So... Yes, if mobile isn't listed, then it's a very good indication that there is indeed no update for WM players. You might have to start from scratch on a different platform... Or find a different game.

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