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Thread: Township no prizes??

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    Township no prizes??

    Im wondering about Township if they're going to release the Reward prizes from the gold pass I have not received any of my prizes yet.

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    yeah i haven't received mine yet either, always room for more prizes
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    The rewords from golden pass you should collect immediately after your reached points.
    There was button for collecting rewords. If you didn`t collect them before the event is over it looks like they were not released automatically after the end of event.
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    Yes ... If you didn't collect them as you played and won them you have now lost them.
    The perks finished for everyone when the event ended.

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    If you're saying you bought the pass, and then did not go to the rewards tab and collect the additional gold pass rewards, the time has passed for being able to collect those rewards. You needed to collect them while the event was still active.

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