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Thread: Too many tools

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    Too many tools

    Sell the overabundance of drills, saws and, jackhammers you force us to get in the total Exchange so I can get the building materials I had to spend to buy those things back if I have to exchange my materials for tools if I get too many tools I should be able to exchange those for materials otherwise how do you ever expect us to get any of these buildings built without spending our own actual cash I know you're making it so you can make money off the game but you need to make it more player friendly. The tool exchanged was not necessary when we first started the game so why is it necessary now it is Superfluous and needs to be taken off of the game and going back to the way it originally was.

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    No one forces you to get extra items. And you can sell anything extra from the barn.
    There were many complaints regarding Barn Space for the building materials, so the Exchange was introduced.
    It saves lots of barn space and I think if we got rid of it, the materials needed would rise significantly.

    ETA of course they xpect you to ve able to build everything, it's all possible, long term players have already done it.
    The game is one of patience...and boy you need plenty..but everything is achievable.

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