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Thread: Separate storage for building materials

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    Separate storage for building materials

    Please give us a separate place to store our building materials, we don’t have enough room for them, as well as our regular factory and garden items. Thanks!

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    Hello JuJu and welcome to the forum

    This is an idea that has been heavily requested. Please see my signature below for links that should be checked before posting an idea or suggestion. (specifically the one that says: Ideas That Cannot Be Implemented) Also...the search bar is a wonderful tool as well.

    Happy Gaming
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    hi JuJu, and I would like to emphasize the possible reason for the "cannot" - of course, it could be done. The Devs just tried to be polite with saying "cannot" instead of "we won't" And they give 2 main reasons in the thread that Twilight mentions: "game balance that would be negatively affected, and sometimes due to technical requirements or resources involved".
    Here, we think it is game balance. Managing the barn is our main task and challenge in Township. It will stay that way. It claims to be a farming game, but it has this hidden agenda
    And seeing how many players made it to higher levels tells us: it is feasible. And makes you quite proud, when you reach the next barn level!

    I recommend to read the thread "Tipps for new players" in the "New to Township"-section, even if you are not totally new.

    Happy Gaming!

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