Just like the title says I would like to offer the suggestion that you make the Generous Market buff that is in the current Professor event available to purchase. It could be a recurring monthly perk, where you can buy the buff for $5 every month or longer. I don't know if it would break the game or anything or have any long term adverse affect, since you cannot sell for more that what you spend for the item in game. Honestly until the current event this was something that I didn't even know I was missing. Many games offer $5 deals to increase crafting, storage, items or whatnot, that are good for a month or so at a time. I would like to see some kind of bundles in Township along the same lines, and not just ones for items or in-game cash. Obviously since this is already an implemented thing I don't think this is something that could fall into the will never happen category. If this isn't something doable maybe make it so the higher your level the more items you are offered even if its just a few more of each.