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Thread: iPhone has been stolen- need to transfer Level 77 town to Ipad

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    iPhone has been stolen- need to transfer Level 77 town to Ipad

    Hello Playrix! I am so sad someone has stolen my iPhone XR and now my Gradysville town is gone too! Please can you help restore it for me to my IPad? I was on Level 77 I think & have invested $$ and time into the game. I have enjoyed the experience so far and wish I could get back to it ASAP. I started a new town on my iPad but it’s not the same! I need my Gradysville back! Please can you help? Thank you!

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    Hi Angie,

    Were you connected to facebook on your previous device? If so, you can simply connect to the same fb account on your iPad, and your town will be restored. Also, if you are using the same Apple account for both iPhone and iPad, you can restore it through that account.
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    Thank you for the information! I wasn’t connected on FB. Don’t I need the township ID # to log in again? Appreciate your help!

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