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Thread: Stop giving me bricks!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by specialj501 View Post
    ...There are always more on the next train.
    This is so true. I once accidentally sold nearly all of one of them (bricks or slabs I think) by moving the sell counter up instead of down. I never missed them. By the time I bought my next cb, I had more than enough to finish it anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rena_the_fish View Post
    But selling the valuable bricks is HURTING my heart!!

    I need to find an alternative way to solve this problem, oh god, please kill me with bricks!
    I guess I don't think about it like you. I expect to sell stuff every time the trains come (but sometimes I'm not over). I think of it as an extra source for coins.

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    I recall reading somewhere about their algorithm and how it 'messes up' like that: still don't know if it's deliberate or not. But as others have suggested, you just have to sell off excess bricks (or whatever other material), such that your numbers will be a bit more balanced across materials.

    I'm not too sure why you're so reluctant to sell off your bricks, actually, since you seem to have it in much excess.

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    You ARE telling train what to bring you! It thinks you are collecting bricks because you have so many! Listen to the more experienced players! They really helped me get a grip on HOW to make the game help you! After months of being stalled and not knowing how I was ever going to be able to afford to build the canine center, they helped me see that the tool exchange and improving the trains was the absolute best way to go! After just 6 days of concentrating on what I needed for just the canine center, I was able to complete it, it was amazing! Since then I have been concentrating on drills and saws for the bank and I almost have them all. When I get them, I will collect only glass until I can complete it. I have not spent one dollar of real or game dollars to do this! So fun to actually have the game work with me!
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