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Thread: "Recent helpers", "Find friends" and "!" tabs

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    Still amazing it would have consequences for Windows platform.

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    My board has been extremely lonely and my clovers are wilting.

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    I've noticed that I have a problem friending people. You for example. I made sure that I had room in my FL, closed and re-opened the game, and still the friend icon was greyed out.
    This has been going on for a while now. I thought at first it was because of my level. To disprove that I tried with a random person on my help list that was within 5 of my level. Still no go.
    Invite to Co-op is also affected. If they are not already on my FL I can't invite them to co-op. Says the must be a friend first, but I can't invite them to be a friend either.

    I am getting friend requests from level 30 and below.

    I call weirdness!!!!!!

    Pt 2.

    So we tried an experiment. I had Alana go through and see if she could friend people. Started at level 19 and worked up to a level 61. Of the 10-15 people we looked at no one could be sent a friend request.

    She has 47 friends at the moment so that was not the problem.

    I also tried to friend some people today. Made sure I was under the 50 allowed. No luck. I had unfriended my wife to do this test. She very graciously took me back.

    On the Find Friends tab Alana has 7 people available to choose from with a mix of levels. On my Find Friends tab I show only 3 people, all are level 130 and above.
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    I would send in a report if thus doesn't change.
    I play on iPad and have none of the above problems.
    My FL is full but I deleted one and invited him worked.
    My FF always has about 5 to choose from, varying levels of players.
    My ! List did suffer during the Experiments, but has now returned to normal.
    Maybe I'm the lucky one ... at last I have some lol

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    douglasnorth I have had this happen before on win 10, the only way I found to fix it is to reinstall the game.

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    I also notice the same problem Windows 10 PC

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    Today I went through my Friends one by one and found one that was asking for help with a train crate. The township was not showing up on the "!" tab, even though I went back and forth a few times to verify that the afh was still there.

    No, I haven't reported it to Help and Support. I don't use an email client on my laptop.

    Just wondering if anybody else has tried going through their friends list looking for afh's.

    As and aside, I also noticed that if you click on the trains of a friend's township, sometimes it will just say "This friend doesn't need help right now." and sometimes it will show the trains details even though there are no afh's. Not sure why the inconsistency.

    Just curious (like Gary).

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