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Thread: "Recent helpers", "Find friends" and "!" tabs

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    "Recent helpers", "Find friends" and "!" tabs

    Recently I've noticed a scarcity of players needing help and recent helpers under those tabs in the Friends section, as well as the "Find a friend" tab not updating as much as it used to.

    I play on Windows and I used to be able to help quite a few players (both friends and strangers) with their "ask for help" requests. Lately that section is often empty. The "Recent helpers" section is also pretty slim, often showing only one or two recent helpers, instead of dozens (and doesn't include recent helpers that I know should be there). And the "Find a friend" section used to change choices at least once a day if not more. Now the same choices have been there for more than two days.

    Is anybody else experiencing this?

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    I am also experiencing this. I'm on an android kindle platform. I thought it was possibly due to the Professor V event. We shall see if it changes after the event is over.

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    I have noticed this and I agree its due to the experiments, especially the 'help your neighbors 100 times' one. I am going to be very sad to see the experiments end. For me and the state I was in before it started (stalled and almost hopeless at level 89) It has been the best idea they've ever cone up with!!

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    Agree that a combination of Prof Verne's helpx people, play X HoL AND the seasonal fill crates task has made earning clover a little harder than usual. But the silver lining has been my help requests have been filled faster than usual. Overall think it's been a good reminder on the benefits of helping.
    The timing of helping hands mini-Event should help too.

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    Professor Verne event isn't on Windows platform.

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    Quote Originally Posted by douglasnorth View Post
    Professor Verne event isn't on Windows platform.
    Apologies, I thought the event was on all platforms. You've got something to look forward to as it's been great fun.
    My only suggestion would be to ask for help often, maybe edit your name to add "need clover please request" . Offer your co-op mates a choice of what they can help you with before placing "!" and ask that they return the favour.

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    I'm on Kindle & definitely have noticed a lack of ! (Help needed) players. I thought it was just due to Helping Hands, the 100 players helped Verne task, and regatta tasks.

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    Yes, it has been the same for me and it started before the Professor Verne event. I play on an ipad. I am interested to see if it stays the same once the event is over.

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    I believe last regatta season & this season with the crate fill tasks plus Prof Verne's experiments have caused a lack helps possibly due to co-op's actually coordinating their helps. I have never had a lot in the find friends tab so I can't comment on that one. If things don't return to normal next season I may be forced to look for friends on facebook. Ugh!😝

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    I've noticed the same, and I agree with all the above mentioned. I also think the transport magnate is a contributor as well.

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