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Thread: Reward chests for leagues

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    Reward chests for leagues

    Our co-op has never had a problem getting all chests as long as everyone works tasks worth 135 and they complete all tasks. Last week we had a very bad week and ended up in silver league. We now only have 3 people racing and we all finished completing 14 tasks / 135 points today. The problem is that we should be getting 8 chests for this league but we are only getting 7. Are score is 5,670 but to get the last chest our score has to be 6,050. That's a difference of 380. Where is that supposed to come from if we entered the race with only 3 racers, completed all tasks +1?

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    You need at least 4 racers in order to get the maximum amount of chests available in your league. A co-op with 1-3 racers can't reach all chests.

    You can find more info on how the points/chests are calculated on the Regatta Rewards Wiki page.
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