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Thread: My coop doesnt work

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    My coop doesnt work

    My coop doesnt work ...i cant see my friends..i see only Ernie...i cant invite others...i cant share goods with others...i delete game ...i reinstalled again ...still same problem . Help me by your suggestions

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    you will have to describe it more precisely, for getting any suggestions.
    Did you build your Coop? which level are you, which operating system?
    Do you use an emulator?

    If you have your Coop, do you have a separate tab for it in your Friends tab?

    Inviting Friends or ppl to Coop is a different matter, also helping.
    Ernie can't be in your Coop, so you're switching to some problem with Friends window suddenly.

    Pls describe step by step / more precisely, what you have and what you (are trying to) do.

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    My game is Version 7.0.5 and last update was 25 october 2019

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    Mine is also 7.0.5 on iPad, so that's the current version.

    It sounds like something got corrupted.

    Can you access the settings tab in your game? If so, use the Help and Support button , then Contact Us to submit a support ticket.
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    Yess i can i access to setting tab and write a message for Support team.

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    I think you need to do that. This forum is just other players. Sometimes we can give suggestions, but the Support people are the only ones who can look up your game and figure this out.
    Played on and off since October 2017
    Play on iOS iPad

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cecilious123 View Post
    Ok, device is Huawei phone ..operating system is Android. I m 66 level.

    that was a much better description, thx and it's the same version for Android.
    but it leads indeed to the suggestion to report it to Playrix, as Mayfield suggested.

    Give them a detailed description as above - they can see your OS and version and most ingame data, but not what you did in order to solve it.
    Also, a hint: make a note for yourself about your Friend code (it's in the Friends window, where you invite ppl), your own town name, your Coop tag (if you want to return there later) - just being cautious here

    BTW, if it only occurred after the last update, the problems might be due to some missing room on your device (I can never tell, which is which - RAM or hard disk or whatever). The "loading data" display reminded me that I have read here about it. So, if you know how to check that, it might help in the way of knowing a possible reason.

    I would report it anyway, go by the description here:

    and be aware that you must reply to the first automated answer (just copy and paste your original msg).
    Read the 2nd automated reply carefully: it lately told me, that an answer would be seen as "problem solved".
    If so: don't reply to this (automated) msg. Then a CS person should appear, in the same place ingame, from where you wrote (or turn notifications on for the game) - can't know/promise when, with the weekend approaching, but in any case, unless they close it, stay in one conversation.

    so, that's all of "tips and tricks" I can think of at the moment - good luck! and let us know, how it turns out, ok

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    Thank you DD for your support

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    you're welcome, Cecilious

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    Quote Originally Posted by Someone1985 View Post
    Hi everyone, I'm going through the same problem as the original poster. I can't access some features in the game anymore. For example, co-ops, friends list and my friend code has been erased (it's blank now) I already contacted CS but it's been almost two days now. I'm about to give up. If only we knew what happened to the person who created this thread? They're no longer in the forum to answer this.

    By the way, I play on an android tablet and I have enough RAM for the game to run smoothly. According to what I read, this happened to some players who used to play on emulators but I believe I play on a supported device. I hope someone can help me as soon as possible because CS has changed a lot since the last time I contacted them. They don't seem to want to help! I do realize that the developers rarely visit the forum but I hope the moderators can get back to me and help me out.

    If you already contacted CS, you can send me your ticket ID from the conversation you have open with them, and i'll try to help out. Did you already replied to any automated messages you received?
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