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Thread: More Drama maybe?

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    More Drama maybe?

    Adding more drama. Maybe an order couldn’t be fulfilled or there was a delay due to maybe a faulty engine, crash (not fatal), chickens crossing the road, or unexpected emergency landing. It’s a shame there can’t be a night and day because a change in lights and night living would be fantastic! But a little more drama would be awesome!

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    Hi Kimmy, welcome to the forum. While I understand you do not mean anything too heavy, I'm not sure I want any drama in my township at all. Frankly I play Township as an escape, a chance to return to the slower paced world of my childhood, there's enough drama for me in trying to balance my barn quotas. Barb

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    I agree with Barb...
    The game is my relax mode..but even so the things you suggest are good ideas but are also a whole other game.
    We do have a crash that pops up on the roads, not much but it's there lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BJK14 View Post
    ...there's enough drama for me in trying to balance my barn quotas.
    LOL! yep

    Kimmy, it would also depend, what consequences you want to see - if none, we have that little accident on the street, as Cuddz said, and a police man discussing it, and the craftsman looking out of his hole in the street... I think something happened there, too
    There was a thread a while back with a lot of these single scenes, but alas, it vanished.
    (and if yes for the consequences, you'll probably get more answers like those now )

    but it seems a common wish, as there's even an emoji for it already!
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