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Thread: More rewards in profesor experiments event

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    Quote Originally Posted by mmwtrance View Post
    I absolutely love this part of the game!!! I think it would be great if you add more prize levels for ongoing tasks. Many of us finish & receive all prizes before the experiment runs out, and there's no reason to finish leftover ongoing tasks. There will always be people who finish all ongoing tasks. Thanks!
    I suggested using the three chest lottery for any extra points once you get all the rewards

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    Quote Originally Posted by eawright View Post
    I have already finished all the tasks posted so far and collected all the rewards so my suggestion is that you add more rewards. It could be like a graduate degree (second level) experiments with more rewards since there is still 10 days left in the professors experiments. I know I can't be the only player to have collected all the rewards with 10 days left to play. I believe that those of us players should have a chance to keep playing for advanced rewards. Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter! Sincerely Elizabeth
    I agree with this. I just finished also

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cuddz View Post
    Wow I can't believe this. We have all got rewards you wouldn't normally get just for playing as you always do.
    The "Shame" should be on us for being greedy and wanting more.
    It's more likely they will cut down the time to maybe 3 weeks, which will make it difficult for those that cannot complete the tasks.
    We should consider those that either can't get them all or have difficulty in doing so.

    I don't understand how you can feel cheated!
    As stated above, you are getting rewards you wouldn't normally get and more than your outlay back when the rewards gave a 100 TCash.
    Ita. They provide a list of rewards and the points needed to earn them. You did the tasks, earned the points, and collected the rewards. In what way did they cheat anybody? We get exactly what they told us we'd be getting.

    Personally, I'm glad the rewards end at the end to provide a margin for error for players who can't do them all. I'm glad, for example, that I don't need to waste boosters just because they gave us that task.

    I've played games where they added "bonus tiers" with additional prizes after the main objective and reward were attained. I and many others grew to hate that feature. I don't want to see that nonsense added on to an otherwise nice event that already gives us a ton of great rewards.

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    i too have finished early in this game with the Prof. maybe you can renew the rewards that we have already won!this way we can stay interested in the continual play with the Prof. at this point of the game, i do not try to complete the remaining tasks. thank you!

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    Gold pass rewards stop at 1300

    I like the professors experiment and I enjoy the rewards, but I'm still collecting points well after 1300. I would love the rewards to continue as well. I'm still playing, so why not? It's not as fun when there isn't a goal to work towards.

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    More rewards for the Professors Experiments Challenge

    I'm not the only person who has received all the rewards on the challenge before all the tasks have been completed. I think this is just an oversight on the programmers part. Please fix this for future Professor Challenges. Thanks

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    About more rewards in the prof Verne's challenge:
    An interview published yesterday on FB TownshipMobile with two Devs learned me that that are working on a third season of Vern's challenge.
    It is their intention to be able to give us more prizes after reaching last goal. So there is hope for the future...

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    professor's experiment bonus for completing everything

    I really like the professor's experiment, but I tend to complete all of the tasks I need to get all of the rewards about a week before the experiment ends. It would be nice if there was an additional bonus at the end if you finish all of the tasks.

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    I also finished early. Honestly, I was happy I was able to reach the end reward. I felt the few dollars we paid for the gold pass was well worth it. The amount of perks, tcash and prizes we received was worth every penny. Not everyone can play as much as those who finish early. I think making it harder to achieve the end result will result in less people getting the gold pass. A compromise might be to do what they do in the mini events after you complete personal achievements; earn a chest to open.

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