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Thread: A new edit mode!

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    A new edit mode!

    I would like to see if we can get a new edit mode. I like to rearrange my whole town sometimes and that can take hours. I like to put everything in the storage and start from nothing, but the problem with that is you have to replace everything before you can exit or you lose what you did. Can you make it where you can save your progress and come back later to finish if you need to and then once you've came back and placed everything then have the option to implement it. Thank you!

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    Thoughts on a Save File

    This is something I have been wanting for quite a while too. (Also my first post on the forums)

    Making the Editing Button more obvious
    I played for months before I finally found the edit mode and realized that I could just use that instead of dragging my buildings around for hours. I realize that the tutorial probably covers this, but as a returning player with little prior memory, it did take me quite a while.

    Add 'Save Files'
    Taking inspiration from [another game], I would love to see save files implemented.
    There would be two slots when you click on Edit Mode, and you choose which version of your town you would like to edit. There would be buttons underneath the slots when you click on them, "edit this version", "make active", and "copy this version" , also showing you which version of the town is currently active.

    "edit this version" allows player to enter the pre-existing edit mode.
    "set active" would only be available if that version was not already the active version and has all the houses, community buildings, and factories placed.
    "copy this version" would be useful if you wanted to tweak your town but are not sure if you will like it/will need to save before finishing up all the changes.

    If, for whatever reason you need to take a break while editing the files, you can click "save" to save your current version.
    If the save file you are editing is the active version and you have not placed all the necessary buildings, the game will warn you that "you need to place all buildings to save"
    If you try to quit while editing an active version without placing all the necessary buildings, the game should warn you with a pop up that "your progress will not be saved if you quit now"
    (there could potentially be an option to "save as inactive version", allowing the player to overwrite the save of the previous inactive version, while keeping the original active version. I don't know if I worded this in an understandable way.)

    "Inactive version" of course would work as a normal edit mode, with the added bonus that it can be saved no matter what, it just can't be set to active until all buildings have been placed.

    [-] I believe such changes could better the quality of life of Township players, especially with players in very high level with an impossible amount of terrain to cover. They would need to edit everything in one sitting if they wished to completely redesign their town.

    Remove All Option for Roads and Pavements
    I don't know if I missed this button somewhere, but if it is not preexisting the title is self explanatory.
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