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Thread: Racing Task Reservations

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    Racing Task Reservations

    Hey everyone.

    I have been playing this game for a while now, and I wanted to see if there is something we can do about the racing tasks. I feel that if there is a reserved task no one should be able take it until the timer runs out or the individual reserving the task gives it up. I couldn't tell you how frustrating this is, that I am prepping materials and when I go into the task board and lo and behold someone has taken that task I reserved. Please if there is anything we can do about this that would great.

    Thank you for your consideration and thank you for an enjoyable game.

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    There are a lot of other threads on this subject
    You need to discuss as a co-op how reservations should be treated.
    Many co-ops don't allow them at all, or they are used as a signal not to dump.

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    Hi Brad, Welcome to the forum.
    If you are the coop leader then set out your rules and let your members know that you expect them to keep to the rules.
    If you are not the leader then have a word with your leader regarding your frustrations.

    As JayS says this has been discussed many times, and all will tell you what JayS has said.
    Good Luck in getting a resolution.

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