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Thread: The Tool Exchange

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    The Tool Exchange

    I stopped playing Township earlier this year when the tool exchange was introduced. I’m getting back into the game and I’ve got to say, it’s even worse than I remember.

    Currently, I need 36 saws, 39 jackhammers, and 119 slabs to build the Pool Hall.

    Now, to get the tools I need, I need to spend slabs often to get them, which removes from the 119 I need.

    I also need 230 slabs for an enclosure in the zoo, plus I’ll need more in other enclosures.

    This makes the game almost unplayable. I feel like this wasn’t thought out very well because it makes the game far more time consuming. I know the game shouldn’t be easy, but it also shouldn’t take weeks or months to complete something.

    I would suggest only requiring tools (saws, jackhammers, drills) to upgrade buildings in the main game and coming up with a new way to purchase them in the tool exchange. Maybe use coins, cash, gems, or ingots to buy them or even factory goods. We need every slab, glass, and brick for the zoo!

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    As lots of people have said in the main Tool Exchange Thread that your post may get moved to, the tools reduce the amount of materials needed in barn to complete a community building.

    Trying to build an enclosure at the same time is brave. Try alternating by making tools with whichever material your zoo enclosure doesn't need, then accumulate materials for your CB once your enclosure is finished.

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