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Thread: A Task board like as at the Zoo

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    A Task board like as at the Zoo

    I Wish there is a Task Board where you can see with one Look what Task´s are Open. On the Zoo is a Board for this so you don´t need to go into the Zoo to see. It´s sometimes difficult to oversee where the Stuff is need first. For Exampe Helicopter Order needed 4 T-Shirts and the Plane 3 so you can look on the Board and see : Oh the Plane First ,so don´t give the T-Shirts to the Wrong Place,because the Plane is a Time Limited Order.

    When the Game get bigger and bigger it´s very likey to lost the abillity to see all in Time.

    Thx, Buxtetown Code: Z8EMBQ

    See you in the Game
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