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Thread: Paths? Are there little paths?

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    Paths? Are there little paths?

    Would love to have some little stone path, or something more narrow than a road--just to wind through woods, or the farm, or up to a house.

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    I agree - the roads take up so much space. I’d also like a strip of flowers for a flower bed, rather than flowers in squares!

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    The zoo has some nice paths but they don't let us use them in town. We don't have any natural dirt paths, tho, like you might find in the woods. The game designers are fond of putting little rocks around everything to make them look distinctly unnatural (for example, the spring and the dirt path in the zoo).
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    Да, тропинок очень не хватает.
    Но они же есть в игре!
    Но только в зоопарке.
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