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Thread: How about gates? for the fences?

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    How about gates? for the fences?

    I'd like gates to go in the fences. Like a piece to put in between fence pieces--to match the fence. So a little white one for the picket fence, and a brown one for the other.
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    White and brown ones would be nice for those who love fences, actually for the different fences; but you are aware that there are (at least) "Golden Gates of Glory", yes?

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    Yes, thank you==but not suitable for around my farm!!!

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    Good, and I can imagine, if you use the white one The red fence could also be used like a gate, but they all have different styles, yep.

    OK, then just the reminder: if you want to be sure that Playrix sees your suggestions, send them ingame. There's a Feedback category or some such. And just to be sure they know what you mean, I would use their name(s) instead of "the other". *G*

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    Thank you!!

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    you're welcome, Buckeyes It's still good to present or ask here, cos we can discuss it then (which is the sense of the forum) or answer (f.e. where something is).

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    Я уже давно об этом прошу. Никто не ответил.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lena Bumba View Post
    Я уже давно об этом прошу. Никто не ответил.
    Google translate:
    I have been asking for this for a long time. Nobody answered.
    well, as you are writing in Russian, and if one of your earlier posts contained that wish, maybe Playrix has seen it at least

    (still Google) => ну, как вы пишете по-русски, и если в одном из ваших предыдущих постов было это желание, возможно, Playrix видел это по крайней мере

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